“I have an optimistic, fun and dynamic view of design and life itself. I´m enjoyed taking things out of their usual context and looking for a different viewpoint

Marcus Saavedra is a product design graduate via The University of La Coruña´s Industrial Design School (EUDI) in 2005.

As soon as he finished studying he working for a year as an intern with a scholarhip for the company Arturo Alvarez. In 2007 he moved to London where he worked in the Héctor Serrano. During this time he worked on a variety of projects for companies such as Roca and Muji in addition to exhibitions for ICEX, such as Spain Emotion or Spanish Conversational 2.

From 2008 he working in various design departments within Galician companies in particular Arturo Álvarez. Here he worked in the materials department and participated in the design and development of the 2013 collection, presented at Euroluce, Milan.

In 2011 along with Enrique Saavedra, as part of their Vermis project, were Fujitsu Design Award finalists.

Today he is the co-foundeer of The Vermisproject studio and Spanish Delegation director. Through the Vermis they are involved in a variety of different projects where the common denominator is the high level of innovation and creativity.

Some of this projects are Designthinking.gal, VermisLAB and organizing the 1ª Maker Faire da Historia de Galicia.

In 2015, along with Enrique Saavedra, they appeared at TEDx discussing the Maker Movement.