After School Activity Makers

Makers is an extracurricular activity aimed at children aged 8 and over where we teach them the tools to be able to develop real Robotics, electronic, programming or 3D printing projects from a fun and practical perspective, always thinking about how their projects can improve our lives.

At present we have 5 Maker levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and PRO. The difficulty level of the projects set increases gradually as do the tools they use to develop them.

Our aim is that in the future they will be autonomous when tackling a large scale project as part of a team, where being creative, working as a team and problem solving skills will be key.


The Maker Faire Galicia

The projects completed during the course which achieve a high level of innovation will be selected to be presented at the Maker Faire Galicia (The biggest Maker Event in the peninsula) where children will experience presenting their work and meet other Makers from different parts of the world.

In the last three editions the VermisLAB makers have stood out as not only did they achieve numerous prizes awarded by the public they also received from the organisation merit badges.