Terms and conditions

This current website is the property and managed by Vermislab whivh is part of the Design Thinkers & Makers S.L. group (from now on Vermislab) CIF B70515564 and is registered I  register Mercantile de Santiago de Compostela, tomorrow 301, libro o, folio 206 de la section 8.

General conditions of use:

The current website is subject to the established legal rules and regulations in accordance with Spanish law. By accessing this website the user is consenting to using the website and it’s services and contents with contravening the current legislation,  good faith, general accepted uses and public order.

The used who enters the website should comply with these general conditions and special instructions of use which is shown at all times. Therefore it is the users responsibility to agree to behave always according to the law, best practice and good faith, employing due diligence when necessary accordingly accordance to the nature of the service they are using. Therefore they use will be unable to modify or alter any of the sites content with the exception details which the user themselves has input into the site,  nor will they prejudice in any form itself integrity or functionality.

Vermislab reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions of use and privacy Policy, always in accordance with law, their own criteria and legislatures or doctrine. Immediately after publishing the changes these will be applied to all users who access the website and/or social media.

VermisLAB`s responsibilities

VermisLAB reserve the right to modify the website, as in the general conditions. On the other hand, given the nature of the medium used to communicate with users, VermisLAB will not assume responsibility:

  1. For inability to access website temporarily in a particular moment or inability to access specific contents including VermisLAB or or those site where the user uses links via hypertext wìthin the website.
  2. For the accuracy or current content  information and product or services on offer.

The website contains simplified information or writen in a way so the average user can undestand therefore VermisLAB does not take responsibility for erroneous interpretation which result from information present in the website, except when VermisLAB has been negligent in the undertakings  as described in the present general conditions.

VermisLAB will not be liable to damage as a consequence of fortuitous events or unexpected,  nor those resulting from users negligent behaviour.

VermisLAB will not be held responsible for opinions shared in comments by other users within their website or social media, they reserve the right to delete offensive or degrading comments,which incite hate or are discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, go against Children and youth, public safety or are deemed as apt for publication or are illicit, we will also block the author/a of such comments. In the same manner Vermislab reserves the rights to hide, delete or impede companies publishing comments promoting products, companies  or non Vermislab events or any type of advertising which is not deemed appropriate.

Website user`s responsabilities

The User agrees to:

  • Appropriate and legal use of the website as with the contents and services, in accordance to current legislation.  The general conditions of use, the moral and generally acceptable behaviour  and public order. Such as provide the means to access the website o social media such as technical requirements.
  • . Provide accurate information when providing personal information in the online forms and ensuring they are up-to- date at all times so that it matches the users current situation. The user a entirely responsible for false information or inaccurate and prejudice caused to DESIGN THINKERS & MAKERS S.L. or to third parties due to the information provided.

Website intellectual property of the content

All the elements that make up the website, as well as its structure, design and source code, are licensed to VermisLAB, being protected, without limitations, by the intellectual and industrial property laws of the Kingdom of Spain and by international Treaties and Agreements. that are applicable. Total or partial reproduction of the contents of this website, as well as its modification and/or distribution without citing its origin or requesting prior authorization.


All litigation or controversy that arises between VermisLAB and a User regarding the interpretation or application of these General Conditions or, in general, related directly or indirectly to the use of the services offered on the Website, will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals from Santiago de Compostela.

As a prerequisite VermisLAB and the user are obliged to negotiate on good faith a solution to the litigation or disagreement  during the space of 1 month date started from when one of the parties has notified the other in writing their intention to litigate.

Privacy Policy

In compliance with the  relevant legislation on data  protection y specifically on the UE 2016/679 regulation, from the European Parliament and the council  on 27th April VermisLAB informs you that:

  1. On the one hand, the data collected in the online store section will be incorporated for processing in automated files, whose responsible is DESIGN THINKERS & MAKERS SL, and will be processed in order to enroll the User in the courses, manage them while they last and meet your requests or requirements. Once finished, they will be deleted. The data categories correspond to identification and contact data.
  2. On the other hand, the personal data that are provided to us in the subscription to the newsletter or news will be incorporated for processing in automated files, whose responsible is DESIGN THINKERS & MAKERS S.L. The categories of data will correspond to contact data. The purpose will correspond to the management of those subscribed to the newsletter directly from the web or in forms included in it. The time of conservation of your data will be that corresponding to the duration of the relationship, or until you exercise your rights of deletion or cancellation.
  3. Finally, the data collected in the equipment section will be incorporated for processing in automated files, whose manager is DESIGN THINKERS & MAKERS SL, and will be treated with the purpose of considering the User as an aspiring member of the staff of Vermislab, analyze your data and meet your requests or requirements. Once finished, they will be deleted. The data categories correspond to identification and contact data.

Processing personal data by VermisLAB is solely for the purpose priorly established and for the reasons it was required. Legally obliged to process data specifically as given when accepting these conditions.

Personal data will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances without prior consent, nor outside the cases expressly provided for in data protection legislation.

We inform you that in any case you can exercise your right to access your personal details, rectify or suppress, limiting it´s processing, against it´s processing or data portability addressing those responsible for processing at the following address: rúa do Tambre, número 61, CP: 15704, Santiago de Compostela, Spain and attached a copy of your ID card or Passport or send to the following email address: lab@vermislab.com

Remember you have the right to file a claim via Agencia Española de Proteccion de Datos.