After School Activity BioMaker

BioMakers is an extracurricular activity aimed at children aged 6 and over, where we introduce our students in a fun interactive way to science, learning investigative methodologies and explaining different scientific fields.

As Makers we focus on making our own tools and during this process we learn about design, materials, 3D printing, programming and robotics.

Within this BioMaker extracurricular activity there are three groups:


BioMakers 1

BioMakers 2

BioMakers 3

BioMakers 1, which is focuses on natural science and about our environment from both from a microscopic and a macroscopic viewpoint. This Provides students with an in-depth understanding of the importance it has in our lives.

BioMakers 2, based around the universe, where they learn about everything relating to space exploration and that challenges this creates.

BioMakers 3, where children go on a journey throughout history by recreating experiments and inventions from each era. Chemistry, physics and anthropology are the main focus of this particular activity.