VermisLAB Filosophy

VermisLAb is based on three schools of thought which in diferent times in history were the impulse for revolutionary innovation at a global level.

One of them is Design Thinking, an agile methodology for innovation centering on the needs of the people that combines creative thinking with analytic thinking and enabling a comprehensive viewpoint and the ability to work as part of a team.

This model has been promoted and implemented by Standford University and used by companies such as IBM, Google or Toyota.


The second model of thinking is the Maker Movement, based on collaboration and experimentation within open communication network.

This method has made it possible for the worldwide expansion of 3D printing and co-creative spaces. Recently, the Maker Community has been key in the fight against Covid-19.

Many experts state this is leading us toward a new industrial revolution and currently companies like Tesla or General Electric already form part of this.


The Scientific Thinking is the third leg of the vermislab philosophy. The Scientific Method is based on constant experimentation using the trial and error method where you eliminate proposed models (hypotheses) by observation and contradiction.

This is why we will not penalise the error, we see this as a way in which we can always improve.

Thanks to this school of thought, science help us amongst other things to live longer, explorer other planets or develop technologies which has allowed us to evolve.

Corporate social responsibility

One of VermisLABS aims is to enable everyone irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds access to the knowledge and use of new technologies.

Therefore we have collaborated with different organisations such as Arels and Santiago de Compostela´s Red Cross branch. We offer children who are at risk of social discrimination the ability to attend various workshops and camps free of charge.