After School Activity MiniMakers

MiniMakers is an activity aimed at aged 4 and over where they will develop their creativity, emotional intelligence, lateral and deductive thinking, working in a team, problem solving skills (Design Thinking) and project presentation (Storytelling).

We provide both basic and recycled materials, in addition to the use of new technology (Robotics, programming or 3D printing) solely as tools.

Within this extracurricular activity we have 2 groups:


MiniMakers 1

MiniMakers 2

MiniMakers 1 is an extracurricular activity aimed at the younger children aged between 4 and 5.

We work them to explore the world of emotions and perceptions so that they can get to know themselves and the world around them. They experiment with materials that allow them to create all their ideas and we introduce them to the world of robotics.

This extracurricular activity is aimed a children aged between 6 and 7, preparing them for entry into the Makers course therefore learning how we arrived to the world we know today.

At the same time we continue to explore emotions and empathy whilst embarking on a journey through the history of machines. There is a greater focus on Robotics in the second year, they begin to programme different robots and gain an understanding of the principles of logic.