Creative camps

Time Travel camp

Age: + 6 years

Duration: 5 days

Key competences: social and citizen

This incredible camp takes children on a journey through past and present to find the keys that can save our  planet from a disastrous for humanity.

They have to prevent an ecological disaster by passing certain tests with the help of great experts they have found along the way and using technology such as robotics, programming and 3D printing. This camp is shaped around on ecological awareness and the ability to find solutions.


MiniMakers camp

Age: + 6 years

Duration: 5 days

Key competences: learn to learn

The MiniMakers camp is where children travel via emotions, perceptions and creativity.

They recognise different emotions via different senses, they create robots with recycled materials, videogame design with Scratch and 3D objects using Tinkercad.

An incredible journey!