After school activities, workshops and camps

VermisLAB is a Maker Academy where we run after school activities, workshops and camps relating to sciene, technology (Robotics, programming and 3D printing), engineering (Electronics and Mechanics), Creativity and Maths. These are known as STEAM Competencies, which will be key to a child´s future.

Learning from a holistic perspective incorporating as a team emotional intelligence, communication skills and lessons in values. Since 2014 over 4500 Makers have experienced our after school activities, workshops and camps. To know more about us you can check out our Youtube Channel.

Online Courses

We offer a wide range of online course for different ages, courses such as Robotics Maker, Videogame design, programming even Arduino and 3D Printing.

We also provide a consultancy service for Maker Spaces, a school for parents or the development of technological projects.

VermisLAB Team

This is all posible thanks to our multidisciplinary team, consisting of first class professionals in the fields of psychology, pedadogy, biology, engineering and design.

By combining both our professional and educational experience we are able to always be cutting edge not only in our educational methodologies but in the technologies used, which allows us to stand out in terms of innovative learning.

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