“I’m fascinate by the complexity which comes from that which is simple and that makes us aware that we never stop learning, that the more you learn the more you realize that you have so much more to learn”

When he discovered both small and big things can be explained using the same theories. Victor decided to graduate in physics and specialize in fundamental physics. He also did a postgraduate in teaching science and has been teaching both science and maths for other a decade. During this time he also studied computer engineering as he was curiosity to learn programming and administrative systems.

In time he returned to science working for a few years in the area of meteorology, doing a new postgraduate course in climatology. Today he works as a lecturer for the University of Santiago de Compostela´s faculty of education and for UNED (Equivalent to Open University).

Victor has learnt teaching science to students of different levels that learning and teaching science is not the same. That learning science is not the same as enjoying it. However, all are compatible and his aim as a teaching is that both children and adult learn science to enjoy it.