“There are two ways to learn science: The bad and the fun way”

They say children are very curious, however as they grow, they stop asking questions. This doesn´t apply to Carlos, Valentin and Jose. They continue to satisfy their curiosity as students at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Beginnings always start with being brave enough to take the first step. In the same way that Carlos de Frias Polo and Jose Rodriguez Gago began doing their own scientific research. At the time they were in secondary school. They were passionate and dedicated to their work and were unexpectedly rewarded for it both nationally and internationally. Both were acknowledged as the best young researchers of their generation. They not only focused on their passion, science, but other areas such as competitive debating and scientific disclosure, whilst studying medicine.

Studying biology means that you want to discover the secrets at life at its core, this is precisely what Valentín Estevez Couto does. He joined Carlos and jose shortly after they finished their first research projects, working together on multiple projects. Like them he is committed to scientific disclosure.

Their need to “going beyond” led them to set up a group called Scienceffect, where more students can meet and develop research and innovative projects in addition to scientific disclosure. Therefore not only do they share their amazing work together as a team but also the same values, this allows them to achieve the objectives they set.