“Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe it. But tell me a story and it will live with me forever in my heart.”

Over 20 years teaching experience, philosopher and journalist. He is well known firstly for his translation work and then edit and coordinate the editorial Compostela, specifically for newspapers such as ‘El Correo Gallego”, “o correo galego” and “Galiciahoxe”, between 1994 – 2011.

During this time he also worked in collaboration with te xunta de Galicia  o teach the Galician language ad culture in numerous Galician centres in south America and central Europe. Today he is a language and literature teacher both in castilian and Galit La Salle de Santiago de Compostela.

From 2013 he is the founding member and responsible for Xurdir S.L. projects, a company in the field of communication and training,  with its central office in Santiago de Compostela. He is also editor of Editorial Anaya, where he edits books and new educational projects. He emanates a passion for everything that he does, his ability to coordinate and orga6teams and his empathy towards students a what really stands out about him.