“The perception that a subject is boring or fun completely depends on the passion and method used to teach it.”

Mathematics graduate, The University of Santiago de Compostela (1992), Miguel Angel Vidal is a secondary school maths teacher for over 20 years. During this time he stood out due to his teaching methods where his goal has been to make maths friendly and project based learning.

Some of his talks and renowed at TEDxGalicia in 2011, VI Trobada de Presentacio d’Experiences d’Aplicacio de Pedagogia Sistemica a les diferents etapes  contexts educatius (UAB) in 2013 and II Jonadas de Divulgacion innovadora in Zaragoza (October 2014).

He has also written reference books on national educational landscape: ‘Doblando las Mates. Proyecto con papiroflexia de toda una tribu’. Using Origami he explains various mathematical concepts. His passion for oragami along with his philantrophic work has led him to organize the first Origami festival in Redondela, where funds were raised for UNICEF.

Lately he has been collaborating with the digital magazine “El Rincon del ajedrecista” writing various articulos with the invaluable help of D. Joaquin Fernandez Amigo. They also developed  for the Galician ESO educational material to teach different concepts mainly in the areas of mathematics and linguistics using chess methods and create an official curriculum with free configuration.