This is a Galician Started focusing on providing 3D printing services and business advice, was founded by Adrian and Luis Mandayo.

Adrian Sanchez Mandayo: “I´ve always been passionate about knowing how things work.”

Adrian studied Industrial Engineering specializing in automation and electronics. He is an active member of the Engranaxe association where they do day workshops and conferences relating to the industrial world, such as “technical days about renewable energies and energy efficiency” where they showed the latest examples where this knowledge has been applied, such as by Tesla Motors. L

uis Mandayo: “Since I was a boy I always loved to build and dissemble whatever I got my hands on and enjoy 3D printing, I could create ideas which were impossible a few years ago.”

Luis is an Industrial Engineer with an entrepreneurial vocation. His Master thesis in TU Vienna (University of Technology in Vienna) was about cellular materials which could be made using 3D printing. Like Adrian he is part of the Engranaxe Association.