“Always searching for interesting people and projects and creating common interest networks in which each string provides a piece of our knowledge and excitement for that which we don´t know yet.”

Hilda is a technical industrial design engineer studied at the University of A Coruña in 2006 and architecture at the University polytechnic of Catalunya in 2014. Shehas worked in industrial design offices all over Spain, where she did graphic design jobs for products and exhibitions. One being the Delta 2007 award exhibition organized by ADI-FAD.

In the field of architecture, she developed her professional career as a researcher at the University Polytechnic of Catalunya (Catedra Unesco de Sostenibilitat), based on passive architecture and using material with a low impact on the environment.

Further on she applied her knowledge to the world of international coorperation and learning bioconstruction within a collective Base A. She also was part of building and urbanization in Barcelona and the outskirts.

She is also a member of the international theatres at risk observatory, within the Barcelona school of Architecture. Currently she is a construction technology lecturer at the Escuela Tecnica Superior of Architecture at UDC.