“Anthropologists we are like frontier figures moving between different between cultures and societies, with the aim of proposing social changes that can help improve the world in which we live.”

Mentally hyperactive and curious, characteristics which have taken Cristina to travel all over the world and work with different social groups such as in Spain, Nicaragua and Peru.

Social education graduate she decided to dedicate the first years of her career to teaching children and adolescents in different environments and overall conduct sociocultural animation workshops with the elderly. Later she studied social and cultural anthropology, inspired by her social experiences and finally decided to use it along with her other passion technology, specialising in investigative technology.

In 2014 she begun her journey as a techno-anthropologist  trying to build a bridge between new technology and the users they are aimed for, always trying to humanize the technology as much as possible. She gained an advanced qualification in the development of multiplatform applications to help in her quest a few years ago.

Currently she collaborates with Vermislab on different workshops, providing an analytical viewpoint on how children interact with technologies, creating social meaning and he they use them in their daily lives.