I decided to study biology when I discovered the genius in the scientific method and how it can be applied to study humans. Observing nature I’d ask the how and doubted the why  thinking of possible solutions and conduct experiments to gain knowledge, which to me was fantastic.

During that time I did some courses to gain an in depth knowledge, such as the large African mammals or the emblematic species of the Mediterranean amongst others. I also collaborated in the management of nature reserves such as the geolocation of invading species in Corrubedo’s Nature reserve.

At the same time I was a voluntary children’s monitor for an organisation that provided leisure activities from young children and teenagers. In this atmosphere surround by young people full of curiosity and creativity I had fun doing arts and crafts, inventing games, organizing shows and conducting excursions.

This volunteer work allowed me to slowly edge me into the world of education beyond school. My favourite moment is seeing children when after observing, thinking there is that light bulb momento. That surprised face is when you know they’ve got it, they know.