“When I was young I was to be an astronaut, time taught me that I preferred to see the stars…”

With an open mind and restless spirit also searching for new things to learn. Carmen graduated in Physics specializing in Astrophysics at The University of La Laguna.

Before she even graduated she was already teaching astronomy courses and seminars and publishing articles which she has continued throughout her career. She has worked for more than 15 years as a secondary teacher teaching technological science and maths, trying as always, whenever possible, to move away from learning by memorizing to students working collaboratively, experimenting and being creative.

At the same time, she is always learning about new technologies via journals, attending conferences and specialized courses. She also designs and coordinates work groups, astronomy learning activities, scientific exhibitions and ICTs.

She is of the opinion that the regimented learning styles does not satisfy Children and adolescents curiosity and if we want them to have a holistic education we need to give them the chance to develop their talent and creativity.